Are you dealing with:

1. Psychological Distortion or Conditions?

2. Constant Nightmares?

3. Addictions that control you?

4. Unexplainable weight gain that you can't lose?

5. Depression or drastic mood swings for no reason.

6. A dark cloud? (Nothing seems to work out for you)

7. Constant bad luck? Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Constantly

8. Unexplainable health issues? headaches, Chest Pressure, Low Energy, Always fatigued?

9. Unable to keep a relationship or friends?

10. Bad sex, unexplainable vaginal odors or issues with performing sexually?


If So, You may have a Spiritual Limitation AKA a General Curse.


No worries! This crabshell ritual will remove anything attracted to you that isn't meant to be there! This is an instant result ritual that will change your life in a matter of moments!

All rituals come with:

* Full detailed step by step instructions (day to perform, moon cycle, time and possible codes to engrave).

* Ritual kit that includes everything needed for your ritual. All items included! 


Every item will be fully charged and ready for use upon delivery.

All that you would have to do is follow the channeled instructions that come with your items. All directions given will be customized to the buyers current energy.


What I need from the buyer:

*1st initial and day of birth

example: Candice born Aug 1st would be C1

*Full mailing address for shipment

*Open mind