Attract Financial blessings into your life easily and effortlessly!
Hold the bottle of oil in your right hand each morning and shake it 6x.
While shaking the oil, recite out loud or in your head, "Thank you for the money 6x.
After you shake and recite, then place 1 drop of oil in your right palm.
Place your right palm over your heart and recite again, Thank You for the money again 6x
Your right hand should begin to itch within 3 hours. Money will soon be on the way!
Another option for use;
On a Tuesday, take a green or white candle and anoint the candle from top to bottom. Hold the candle in your right hand and recite Thank you for the money 6x.
light the candle and let it burn all the way out. take the remaining waxy and bury it near a tree! Watch how your money grows that week!


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Financially Blessed Oil