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Divine Grace Manifestation Activation Oil/Jupiter's Blessing
Your kit will come with: 
1. Manifestion Journal, which I personally will activate to match your paticular energy.   

2. A charging plate to keep your oil placed on when not in use.
3. Your Jupiter's Blessing Activaction Oil
4. Instructions on how to use


After 4 weeks of developing, it's finally ready! 

This POWERFUL creation was patiently developed by using the energy of Jupiter's rare recent transit, selected spiritual items, seeds and herbs collected from New Orleans and a touch of the New Moon in Libra's influence.

This oil helps to attract happiness, success, material gains, new employment,positive encounters, psychic protection and stability.

Ways to use this oil:
1. After writing a manifestation petition, anoint all four corners of your paper. Fold it in towards you 3x and place it somewhere where the sun can shine on it. Your wish will begin to manifest within 3 days.
2. Place one drop of oil on your crown daily to attract joyful encounters.
3. Anoint your healing tools and divination items. This oil will instantly fully charge anything!!
4. Anoint an orange candle once a month to manifest positive outcomes to any situation.
5. Anoint your right hand to ensure all meetings for business go in your favor.
6. Anoint your feet to remain grounded and to stay balanced.
7. Anoint both middle fingers to attract more business. Great for entrepreneurs!
9. Use the oil to create your own spiritual products.
or just simply use your intuition and go with your own guidance.

Because this transit is rare, this will be the only batch of this paticular oil for quite sometime.

The great thing about this is that you only need a drop or two at a time to achieve your desired outcomes, so your botlle should last you for quite some time. USE WISELY! VERY STRONG ENERGY! 

Enjoy and happy Manifesting!

Jupiter's Blessing Manifestation Activation Kit

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