Each Candle is handmade with natural herb, fully charged crystals and a little bit of my own magic!  Each candle will be FULLY charged energetically under the Full moon in Scorpio by Venus!


How will this candle ritual affect your life? 


When you light your candle, an energetic signal will be sent to your Heart Chakra. The signal will begin to initiate the changes needed that will allow you to accept and receive TRUE love and abundance into your life! This will also initiate great financial gains to be had, and a very lucky time for you ahead!



1. When placing your order, please include Your 1st name and DAY of birth (per person) in the notes. example; Candice1

2. You will receive a personalized code for your ritual which will contain letters and/or numbers. This code will initiate your energy activation through your heart chakra. Each code will be different per person depending on your current energy level.

3. Once you receive your candle, carve your assigned code into the wax.

4. Light it before bed and make sure it's somewhere close to you. Let it burn COMPLETELY OUT overnight! You'll start to notice positive change within 4 days after your ritual.


Possible Side Effects;

Difference in heartbeat, chest pressure, vivid dreams, emotional release/outburst, drastic sudden body temperature changes (warm/cool). 

All side effects are temporary and you will feel absolutely amazing after they pass!


Do this ritual on a Tuesday, or preferably on the New Moon


Please leave your feedback and experiences! Thank you and enjoy!


New Moon Ritual Candle/Venus's Blessing