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2024 Summer Apprentice Interview

  • 30 minutes
  • zoom/phone

Service Description

Welcome to the 2024 Apprenticeship Program Training will be held once a week for 12 weeks June through August 2024. I will be accepting 3 new Apprentices this year. Each Apprentice will receive intense hands-on training over the next 90 days! As a Apprentice you will learn and master: 1. The skill of Divination through Alchemy. This is one of most POWERFUL and precise forms of energy alteration and manifestation techniques. Through mastering this skill, you can change and shift anyone’s life in your desired direction (including your own) INSTANTLY! 2. Akashic Intuitive Psychic Connection training. I will train your 3rd eye to access the "All Knowing" You will be able to tap into anybody, animals, nature, situations, the past, present and future. This is quite a gift. 3. Karma Forgiveness AKA 963 technique. This is my #1 jewel! The strongest most effective healing session offered! This session will change a person's WHOLE entire life withing 48 hours! During the Apprenticeship, you will learn how to perform it by doing it on yourself 1st. You will be able to experience the mind-blowing shift and change before you offer the service to anyone else! As a graduation present, each Apprentice will be able to enjoy an All-Inclusive Cabin Retreat with me in Gatlinburg TN. This 5-bedroom luxury cabin sits on a beautiful lake overlooking the Smokey Mountains. There we will be doing some hands on training that consist of energy healing and manifestation techniques. We will also be performing your Completion Ritual and Ceremony. Each Apprentice will receive a certificate of completion as well as a professional start-up kit to help you begin your new journey. This is all included with the program and all-inclusive. All food, accommodations and activities are included. All you will have to do is show up! Each Apprentice will only be responsible for their own means of transportation. The energy exchange for the 2024 Summer Apprenticeship is ONLY $5,996.25 1. This includes the initial initiation attunement. 2. Intense exclusive training 3. Cabin Retreat and Completion Ritual  To begin, you must set up an interview. I will do a quick assessment to make sure you're aligned with the skills that I am offering. Once approved, we will get you signed up and begin your initial attunement process. I am only accepting 3 Spiritual Super Stars this year! (you must be approved) Spaces typically fill up within the 1st week, so make sure set your interview up today!

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